Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together

Our Staff

Come and meet the staff at our school!


Headteacher Miss A Westaway      

Deputy Headteacher

Miss S Dunn


Year 3

Mrs S Barter Year 3 Leader    
  Mr A Towersey-Veal      
  Mrs E Bainbridge      
 Year 4 Miss J Workman Year 4 Leader    
  Mrs A Brace      
  Mrs D Bennett      
  Mrs E Gentry      
 Year 5 Mr L Hanson Year 5 Leader    
  Mrs K Smith      
  Mrs S Redgell      
 Year 6 Mrs L Bedford Year 6 Leader    
  Mrs Payne       
  Mrs James         
PPA Mrs L Kendall      
  Miss K Selby      
  Mrs L Steadman      
Currently on maternity Miss J Terry - Teacher      
Special Needs Co-ordinator Mrs L Wright      
Inclusion Leader Mrs E Boyt      
Senior Admin Officer Ms C Howes      
Senior Admin Assistants Mrs N Barton Mrs L Brown    
Teaching Assistants Ms M Rose (HLTA) Mrs H Chadwick Mr R Dodkin  
  Miss S Ginn Mrs C Hall Mrs A Hewitt-Traynor  
  Mrs T Hunt Mrs C Irving Mrs K Kane  
  Mrs L Kendall Mrs C Knight Mrs J Lampard (ELSA)  
  Mrs M Rowe Mrs C Ruffell Mrs S Sharpe  
  Miss J Smith Mrs J Smith Mrs R Wang  
  Miss N Watts      
Senior Lunchtime Supervisor Mrs K Lamont      
Lunchtime Supervisors Miss D Daley Mr R Dodkin Mrs G Gardiner  
  Miss C Gibbons Mrs S Gilmore Mrs S Jeavons  
  Mrs N Lewin Mrs L Taylor Mrs L Todd  
Site Manager Mrs J Webber      
School Cleaners Mrs D Daley Mrs V Field Mrs R Gurung  
  Mrs T Limbu Mrs L Todd    
School Meals are provided by HC3S