Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together

Pupil Voice

School Council

School Council team is made up of 10 children, one child from every class and is led by Mrs Barter.

In the Autumn term, children are invited to apply for a place on school council and are then voted in by the children in their class.


The School Council meet every two weeks.  During these meetings the children share any comments, concerns or questions raised by their class. Each term they have a task or challenge to carryout on behalf of the whole school. 

Autumn Term

The School Council undertook the following activities:

  • Created a biweekly outstanding citizenship award that the children in the school vote each other for.  During meetings we explore the nominations and decide on one child per year group.  These are presented in celebration assembly by Miss Westaway
  • Discussed healthy snacks and investigated how this is being followed in school.  School council then created an easy to follow poster to help the school stick to our healthy snacks policy
  • Supported charity work in the school – collecting Children in Need contributions

Spring Term 

School council continue to meet bi-weekly to work on key points raised by classes.  

  • School council collected KFJS children's thoughts around mental health and which activities they found useful to support well-being.  They collated leaflets and posters for children to use as a guide and these were distributed around the school. 
  • The quiet area was identified as an area of concern for children as it is not being used as hoped so school council have discussed how this could be improved. so the school council met with Miss Westaway and Mrs Steadman to derive a plan to improve it.
  • School council held a cake sale to raise money to buy fun, new equipment and resources. 
  • School council are presently choosing and budgeting to buy new toys and games to be played in the quiet area.
  • School council continue to celebrate our outstanding citizens by voting on nominations per year group.  These children are celebrated and given certificates every 2 weeks in celebration assembly.

Junior Road Safety Officers

The Junior Road Safety Officers are a group of four children from Years 5 and 6 who share messages concerning road safety with the rest of the school. Before taking on the role, they must complete virtual training with other JRSOs from around Hampshire.  This support from Hampshire continues throughout the year and gives the JRSOs ideas for various competitions and activities that they can run. e.g. “Be Bright, Be Seen” and “Walk to School Week.”  The children lead assemblies and organise and run competitions based on a Road Safety Theme throughout the year.  Children meet whenever a new campaign begins to discuss how they are going to share these important messages to the rest of the school.

Young Interpreters

Around 30% of the children come to the KFJS with a wealth of experiences from their own home background. Young Interpreters celebrate diversity across the school by providing peer support for EAL children, raising awareness of diversity and promoting an inclusive culture. A range of communication skills are explored during regular training sessions so that Young Interpreters are able to offer guidance and support to help children settle into school routines and build positive friendships.

Young Carers


Young carers are children and young people under the age of 18 carrying out significant tasks and assuming a level of responsibility for another person which would normally be undertaken by an adult. The circumstances they find themselves in mean they are looking after a parent, sibling or relative with a physical/learning disability, mental health condition or long-term illness. 


As a school we support young carers by having a lunchtime club available where they can choose to come along every other week and eat their lunch, relax, spend time with other young carers. Different activities are on offer such as games, art and crafting. It is an ideal opportunity for the children to get support from one another as well as Mrs Gentry.