Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together

KFJS Curriculum

Pupils learn best when their learning experiences are purposeful and the context is relevant to them. Each subject within the curriculum is organised so that the National Curriculum is taught across the key stage. Children practise and apply skills in order to deepen their knowledge and understanding as they progress through the school. Frequent assessment supports and measures progress and attainment. Teachers use this information to address gaps in understanding and ensure that pupils are challenged in their learning. 


Our curriculum is organised into core, foundation and RE learning. Core subjects, reading, writing and maths, are taught daily to all children. Computing, PSHE, French, RE and PE are taught discretely and applied across the curriculum where appropriate.  


Please click on the links below to find out more about what your child is taught in each subject. If you require further information please talk to your child's class teacher. 

Year group projects

The majority of foundation subjects are taught in cross-curricular projects in order to maximise opportunities to apply skills and connect learning. Each project begins with a hook to motivate and engage pupils with what they are about to learn.