Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together

Diploma Morning a success!

What a great morning we had on Friday 25th October! Our pupils took part in activities to earn a diploma. Each activity focussed on developing a learning behaviour, as we believe all KFJS learners should develop them. 


Diploma Learning Behaviour Developed
Board Games Teamwork,Risk Taking
Calendars Curiosity, Creativity, Reflection
Computer Animation Resilience, Creativity
Dream Catchers Creativity
Fantastic Calendars Curiosity, Creativity, Reflection
Felt Making Risk Taking,  Creativity
Friendship Bracelet Resilience
Gardening Teamwork, Resilience
Juggling Risk Taking,Resilience, Creativity
Origami Resilience
Patch Working Creativity
Puppets,French,ICT Creativity, Resilience
Scrap Booking Resilience, Creativity
Song & Dance Teamwork, Resilience
Sports Teamwork, Resilience
Woven Book Marks Resilience