Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together

Japser the rabbit

Stop Press! Unfortunately, Jasper has had to retire from his busy work of sleeping, eating and hopping around at KFJS. He is getting a little too old for it, and now lives at Mrs Rowe’s house- or shall we say hotel?! He is living the good life, and we wish him the best! Can you think of a different animal we could have at school?


Jasper is our school rabbit! He lives in a hutch in the courtyard, and is allowed to hop about to get some exercise


Please could you keep Jasper’s hutch clean.  This means cleaning away any soiled bedding (straw and sawdust) from his hutch every day.  You will also need to keep the courtyard clean for him too.  There is a dustpan and brush to help you. Also remember to wear gloves and wash you hands with soap afterwards.


 Jasper will be fed by Mrs Rowe to make sure he eats the right food every day and she will check his water bottle and bowl are okay too.

Jasper will need lots of love and brushing his coat would be good too.

You will need to talk to Mrs Rowe at lunchtime before seeing Jasper.  She will need two helpers each day so could the volunteers from each class speak to her first before helping Jasper.


Don’t forget Jasper would love to see you any time of the day as long as an adult accompanies you.