Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together

KFJS This Week

Our theme for the week is creativity. As well as helping to make life so interesting and colourful, creativity is useful for solving problems and inventing! The theme fits in well with all that is going on this week.


On Tuesday and Wednesday, our choir perform at the Anvil. We wish them all the best. They have been working so hard, and we know they will sound amazing. Thank you to Mrs Chapman and Mrs Brace for their efforts.

On Wednesday, Santiago Pacheco from the University of Southampton speaks to our pupils about his research into the environment and energy. What's it like working in a university?! We'll find out!

It's going to be quite a week!

Monday – Year 6 swimming
Tuesday – Anvil Rehearsal for Choir; performance in the evening
Wednesday – Y2 parents morning; Year 6 swimming; Anvil Rehearsal for Choir; performance in the evening
Thursday – Extra Guitar lessons for some pupils (preparing for exams)
Friday – Young Interpreters conference; Celebration assembly