Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together

KFJS this week

A warm welcome back to school after the Easter Break!

The KFJS Election Fortnight is here! During the next two weeks, we will be holding our own KFJS election, with the pupils putting forward their ideas on how to improve our school. Everyone will have a vote, and throughout the process, the children will be learning about democracyrights, and elections. Of course, the winning idea will be carried out!

On Wednesday, we will be welcoming Susan Bowen from Hewlett Packard, who will be inspiring us about the world of work.

Finally, don’t forget that Mrs O’Brien officially retires on 30th April. Please do pop in and say ‘Hello’ before she leaves! Mrs Bristow joins us from Monday, and we look forward to her settling in and becoming part of the team.


Monday – Assembly with Mr Applegate. Year 6 Workshops after school.

Tuesday – Singing Assembly. Year 6 Workshops after school.

Wednesday –  Susan from Hewlett Packard shares with us in assembly.

Friday – Celebration assembly.