Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together

KFJS This Week!

This week, we’re focusing on curiosity! Our visitor assembly is being led on this theme by the Compass Group, which is a group of teenagers from a local secondary school. Curiosity raises lots of questions; we also want our pupils to follow through in trying to find the answers!

On Thursday, out choir will be singing at Festival Place! And 4PJ are off to QMC on Friday to have science lessons using their fantastic equipment. It’s 4B’s turn next week.

Don’t forget the deadline for bringing in an item of food for the Christmas boxes for the BVA- it’s this Wednesday!

Finally, Juliette Meunier is having her last day as part of our catering team on Tuesday. Although strictly employed by HC3S and not our school, Juliette has always been part of our school through her friendly and helpful manner, her flexibility, and her sense of fun. We will miss having Juliette around, and wish her the very best in the future.