Kings Furlong Junior School

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NSPCC fundraising activity

The NSPCC visited our school this week and delivered their Speak out. Stay safe assembly to share information with children about how they can keep themselves safe from harm and get help if they have any worries.


As a charity, the NSPCC can only provide vital resources thanks to the financial support and generosity of their supporters. That's why the School Council have decided to raise money to help the NSPCC's work.


Children will be taking part in a fundraising activity focused on maths. They have been given a 'Buddy's meaningful maths' sponsor pack. The children should choose one of the lists shown under 'Option 2' on the inside page of the booklet - they will be tested on these questions on Thursday 2 May.


Participation is voluntary, but if you would like to support the NSPCC's work, it would be fantastic if you could give your child permission to take part by signing the sponsor form and returning the form and money raised to school by Thursday 9 May.


Full details are available in the 'NSPCC letter' here.