Kings Furlong Junior School

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Road Safety Newsletter June 2016

Thank you to the overwhelming majority of you who are walking to school or parking away from the school and parking legally and responsibly. We are pleased to say that there has been some improvements.

Some ongoing examples of poor parking are:

  • Parking too close to residents driveways so that they cannot get in or out safely.
  • Parking on corners.
  • Parking on kerbs.
  • ‘Opposite Parking’ – parking opposite another car on the same stretch of road, which narrows the road making it difficult for other cars to pass.


The photographs attached have been supplied by members of the public who are frustrated by poor parking. As stated in our previous newsletter, we feel we must put the onus on the drivers of these cars; both schools are doing what they can!

Thank you for your help in continuing to improve this matter.