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Walk Once a Week Scheme

Your school takes part in Living Streets’ Walk once a Week (WoW) scheme which encourages all pupils and their families to walk to school. The scheme rewards pupils who walk to school at least once a week with a collectable monthly WoW badge. For WoW 2015, we have launched a walk to school smartphone app available on IOS and Android to bring the WoW badges to life via 3D content. You can download the app by searching ‘walk to school’ within the App Store and Google Play. The walk to school app is fun and easy to use. Simply scan the WoW badge and watch the scene unfold. There is a different world to explore each month with every new badge, as well as puzzles and games to unlock. All content is appropriate for primary school ages, and to ensure children using the app are protected, no personal data is collected. Walking some or all of the way to school is a great way to help children feel happier, healthier and more alert during the school day. Walking instead of driving also helps reduce congestion and air pollution at the school gates. Living Streets is the charity for everyday walking. We want to create a walking nation where people of all generations enjoy the benefits that this simple act brings, on streets fit for walking. We hope your family enjoy using the walk to school app as part of Living Streets’ Walk once a Week scheme. Should you have any queries please feel free to contact us directly at or call us on: 020 7377 4911.


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