Kings Furlong Junior School

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What App would you recommend?

Dear Parents/Carers and children

As a school we are always looking for ways to improve and update our learning resources and technology.  With this is mind we have decided to buy some tablets for the children to use in lessons and need your help.  We haven’t fully decided which type of tablet to buy so would be very grateful if you could help us with our decision.

If you own a tablet, please could you suggest any apps that you use or think would benefit the children educationally. Some apps might be subject specific (English, Maths, Science etc), whilst others might be good tools for learning (making videos, using GPS/maps, note-taking etc). You may also know of some useful apps from your ‘SmartPhone’- often these apps work on a tablet, too.

Please could you send in your ideas by Friday 7th June 2013.

Yours faithfully

Mrs Alsey