Kings Furlong Junior School

Growing and learning together

October 2016


General Comments

  • My child is lucky to get an opportunity to go to such a wonderful school. Thank you KFJS for your support.
  • We are pleased with all the school offers.
  • We appreciate the efforts taken by the school for the general knowledge quiz. We enjoy doing it as a family.
  • We are really impressed with the communication from the school. Thank you.
  • My child has settled in really well and thoroughly enjoying her time at school.
  • I can see that my child’s work is really improving.
  • Thank you for providing a warm and welcoming school.
  • The support from the Year 3 nurture group is really supporting my child.
  • Keep doing what you’re doing!
  • An excellent report from Parents’ Evening – thank you!
  • My child loves Young Carers club- it really helps her feel valued.
  • My child is really making progress, and the staff meet her needs well. Thank you.
  • I like that my child really enjoys being at school and that he gets extra help.
  • My daughter has been encouraged and supported to achieve. The teaching and leadership are strong.
  • The difficulties my child was having have been addressed quickly and effectively.
  • I like the fact that spellings are now in the homework books so I can see the results.
  • My child continues to love being at KFJS.
  • The transition from Y2 to Y3 was really good.


One thing I would like to see….

  • More challenging homework to be given, or just more homework.
  • Children to understand more what their spellings mean
  • The quiz is quite a lot of extra work for Year 3 pupils, and quite tricky too. Could this be adjusted to lessen their work load?
  • Could you offer wrap-around clubs for working parents?
  • Children to learn first aid [this happens briefly in Year 6].
  • Cycling proficiency courses [this is done in Year 5].
  • The lunch menu should include a cold option.
  • Encouragement to have healthy packed lunches.
  • Longer parents’ evening appointments.
  • More music opportunities, e.g. learn violin.
  • More class activities in the afternoon that parents can attend.
  • Not having to reapply for sports clubs.
  • A wider range of books available for different readers.


What are we already doing?


Let us know what you think – give us a call or send us an email!


Alternatively, visit Ofsted’s very own Parent View website by clicking here.